Back Pain and Its Causes

There are numerous reasons why back pain develops. Some common causes are poor posture, using chairs that are harmful to the back, sports injuries, car crashes, and poor lifting habits. Once a person receives an injury or develops back pain over time, stress and muscle tightness can lead to pain in other parts of the body as the body attempts to compensate. It can also lead to headaches, abdominal pain and lack of sleep due to pain. As a result, many people will further restrict bodily movements and mobility which can result in more pain.

Those of us who work in offices in front of computer screens everyday have heard of ergonomically correct furniture. Someone is Human Resources has most likely been trained in ergonomics to help employees adjust to their working conditions in a more healthy way. Poor habits of sitting at one’s desk, often without awareness until the back signals it is hurting, can cause increased discomfort and back pain. The right office equipment can make a big difference, especially a good office chair that can support the back. Computer screens that are positioned at eye level, wrist support, and foot rests can make a big difference over time. Using stretching exercises throughout the day can also be helpful.

If you are the telephone for much of the day as part of your job, a hands free headset is much better for your neck than a shoulder rest attached to the telephone. Today’s technology offers many choices for improved posture while at your desk–just spend some time looking through the latest catalogs that feature such products.

We can all learn better skills for lifting objects. The heavier objects should call for more than one person to lift and move them– perhaps a dolly or forklift may be needed. Items on a high shelf require different skills than those items located on the floor. Maintaining one’s back alignment is very important along with not putting too much strain on the back.

Engaging in many kinds of sports activities like rodeo, skiing, snowboarding, running or lifting weights can result in back pain. Improper equipment like running shoes and ski boots that fit improperly can contribute to back injury. Also contact sports like football can be a major source of twisting and turning the back in unaccustomed ways leading to injury.

People who are rear ended in a car accident most often suffer neck and back injuries by the nature of a sudden, unexpected and exaggerated movement of the body. Wearing a seatbelt can offer some added protection from these unplanned accidents as well as using defensive driving skills.

Knowing the more common causes of back pain and some ways to avoid it is all part of good self care and prevention.