Backache – Solve Your Back Pain

Your back supports you. Backache is responsible for many a day taken off sick and much misery. Of course with any mechanical problem, helping that problem mechanically is important. For instance, if one of your vertebrae, or backbones, is out of place, it makes sense to get it back in place in order to prevent further damage. Individual vertebrae and the cushioning discs in between them are subject to wear and tear. And it is important to take action to minimize this damage. Pain is there to make sure that you do something about it.

For a mechanical back problem, getting your back a massage by an experienced professional massage therapist could remove the problem. It may simply reduce the problem, which is also good. With a regular massage, your back can be kept supple and strong. Sometimes the legs or neck contribute as well, and they may need a massage too. And there are also some special places such as on your chest that help your body with flushing out toxins, and they often need to be massaged to remove toxins. These toxins collect when produced by unhappy muscles strained by the wrong positions of the backbones. The are removed via your lymphatic system, which is the body internal effluent system.

You may prefer to visit an osteopath or chiropractor to put your back right. Osteopathy or chiropractic involves structural manipulation of the joints to put them back in place. This is often accompanied by a cracking sound as the joints go back to the right position. Some people choose a combination of visiting an osteopath or chiropractor and a massage therapist, in order to pay equal attention to joints and muscles.

Another option, and none of these is mutually exclusive, is to visit a physiotherapist. Good physiotherapists are hard to find, and help you rehabilitate your body. A good physiotherapist uses a combination of manipulations, stretches and exercises to ease tension, move bones back into place and strengthen weakened muscles that are needed to support your back.

Some prefer an exercise instructor or personal trainer for strengthening the back. This helps prevent further injury and may even re-balance the position of the joints.

Additionally, being free from negative emotions results in over-tense muscles relaxing, allowing the right muscles to strongly hold up your back. Techniques such as EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, are a very easy-to learn and cost-effective way of removing the emotional contributor to a physical pain. A good EFT practitioner will work with all the emotional root causes and free your muscle tension, releasing the joints to a better position. Then your EFT practitioner teaches you how you can do this for yourself.

Ideally, a combination of strategies is best; one for mechanical manipulation, exercise rehabilitation, and emotional freedom. Done properly, it need not cost the earth, and you benefit from a stronger back and calmer mind.