Causes Of Backpain: Poor Posture Or Muscle Strain

Back pain is a common phenomenon in the United States with nearly 80% of the population suffering from it. However, a large portion of them are unaware of the reasons or the causes of this problem. A strain in the muscles is the most common cause of backpain. Although back pain may emerge suddenly, it may be caused by a problem which has plagued us for a long time.

Back pain is generally not a serious problem and disappears quickly in most of the cases. However, medical advice is essential in cases where the pain persists for a long time. It is a general notion that bed rest is the best cure for back pain. But evidence has shown that rest does not aid in the recovery of a person suffering from Back pain. It is much better if one carries on with normal activities while taking some measures for relieving the pain. It is essential that we find out the true causes of the backpain.

Back pain is one of the most common ailments with 8 out of 10 people experiencing it at one or the other point of time in their life. Backpain can be acute, recurrent or chronic. A poor posture or an injury to the back muscles or problems like tumor, infection or Osteroarthritis can be the major causes of backpain.

The most common cause of backpain is a poor posture or positioning. Sitting or standing in one position for a long time also results in backpain. An imbalance of the muscles which arises when some of our muscles are being used regularly while others are not. This is also a major cause of backpain.

Overuse or underuse of the back are also one of the causes of backpain. Inflammation and swelling often occur in the joints and ligaments, especially in the cervical and lumbar regions, as people grow old. A herniated disc or spinal stenosis which refers to the narrowing of the spine also results in back pain.

Conditions that can result in spinal stenosis include infection, tumors, trauma, a herniated disc, arthritis, thickening of the ligaments and disc degeneration. In the case of the old people, Spinal stenosis is a result of the degeneration of their vertebrae. Any kind of injury which damages our muscles, joints, ligaments, and vertebrae also a cause of backpain.

A tumor in the spine results in the compression of the muscles or the nerve roots in the back and are the major causes of backpain. The muscles in the back may also get compressed due to an infection in the vertebrae and may result in serious neurological deterioration.