Reason to Change Breast Implant

Nowadays, you can do anything to enhance your look, especially making the breasts bigger and firmer. To do this, a plastic surgeon will use breast implants such as silicone implants. However, you are not guaranteed these implants will last forever. On average, a silicone breast implant lasts between 1 to 2 decades, according to Healthline. So there is a dire need to change breast implants. 

Other than the expiry of implants, various reasons push ladies to change implants. Among them is to improve their look by using bigger and natural implants. To increase the size of breast implants, you have to talk to a plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, there are many reasons other than increasing the size of the implants that will force you to change them. Here we go.

  1. Hardening of the implant

When a soft implant turns into a stone-like lump, there is no doubt you will feel some pain in the breast area. This causes discomfort, and the only solution is to remove the implant.

  1.     Deflation of the implant

Sometimes implants deflate and lose shape. This will distort the shape of what was once a rounder and firm breast to a flaccid organ hanging on the chest region. Of course, this is embarrassing, especially in a world where beauty is a bridge to high societal status.

If your breast deflates, the best thing is to go and change it. This will save you from being called a ‘failed project.’ Also, when an implant leaks, its content is absorbed by the body. We all know the notorious effect of your body absorbing chemicals in the implants. Hence change it before its changes your body into a soup of chemicals.

  1.     Rippling of the implant

A breast implant should be smooth. However, after some time, it wrinkles, losing its uniform curvature. Among the many causes of this are bodyweight differences after implanting.

In some cases, the ugly wrinkles will be visible through the skin surface. But, you can always get a new implant with a smoother surface. Just go and change breast implants.

  1.     When implants shift from their original position

When being installed, breast implants are usually squeezed into place by breast muscles. This could, nonetheless, change after some time, causing the implant to shift from its original position. The major culprit, in this case, is gravity which pulls the implant downwards.

  1. Capsular contracture

Capsular contracture refers to the tightening of the scar surrounding the implant. This situation triggers the breast implant to take the wrong position. Such a condition can result from several factors, including bleeding near the implant or trauma and breast infection, among other factors. There are several ways of addressing capsular contracture, and how the situation is addressed depends on the seriousness of the problem at hand as discovered during the first consultation.

  1. Synmastia

Synmastia happens when the pockets supporting the implants criss-cross and connect in the central part of the chest. As a result, either one or both implants moves toward each other, taking the form of one large breast. Although this is a tough case, it can be solved with adequate training.

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