Straighten Your Hair Easily And Inexpensively

If you have naturally curly hair, it can be time-consuming to get it straight. Salons charge quite a bit for the blowout procedure. Many of the straightening products can damage your hair or they take a long time to work. Who has hours to spend to get straight hair? You don’t have to let the curls have their way though.

The JML Simply Straight is a produce you can use to get results in very little time and without damaging your hair. If you can brush your hair, you can use this device. It looks like a paddle brush but you will notice it is covered in ceramic. The ceramic bristles lift the hair at the root when you brush through it. You will get heat applied to it but at low temperatures.

The result of JML Simply Straight is hair that isn’t damaged or flattened out. Yet it is straight and you can wear it down or you can style it. It doesn’t matter what your hair type happens to be either. This is a universal product that can be used on all textures. It is a great tool for teenagers who want to experiment with their hair.

Beauty in Less Time

Yet there are plenty of adults using the JML Simply Straight too. They want to have beautiful hair and versatility with it. Yet they don’t want to lose sleep to get up early and do their hair. For those with children, finding enough time to get your hair looking great can be tough. Straightening your hair can give you a new look for a date, a night out with friends, or even to surprise your spouse.

Heats up Quickly

The JML Simply Straight heats up very quickly, as high as 450 F. For those with thin or fine hair, you should try it at a setting around 300. You can turn it up if you need to but it is best to go with a lower temperature first and see how it does. It is also very easy to use. You may not be experienced with styling tools but this one isn’t hard to get the hang of.

The Process

You will need to section your hair to use the JML Simply Straight correctly. Next, take a section of hair and slowly brush through it from the scalp to the end. Take the device and the same section of hair and repeat but this time do so from the underneath of the hair. The bristles should be facing outwards for the second pass. This will help smooth the hair from top and bottom.

Continue this process until all sections of your hair have been completed. If you have fine, thin hair it is a good idea to use a protective product as a barrier between the heat and your hair. Since the heat doesn’t linger in any section though, it is far less of a risk than other heating tools.


The JML Simply Straight offers plenty of features for safety that you will appreciate too. It is safe to use on your hair than many other products. The ceramic plating offers protection for your hair so it isn’t going to show signs of heat damage. The grip on the handle makes it very hard to accidentally drop it when you are using it.

There is also an auto shut off so if it is still on after an hour, it will turn off. You aren’t going to be stressed when you leave home about if you turned it off or not. It isn’t always possible to go back and check!