CBD Essential Oil

Many people are familiar with the benefits of essential oils made from plants, such as lavender. But, CBD oil is now on the market. Both essential oil and CBD oil work in the same way with your body. They naturally help to ease stress and provide a general sense of well-being.

CBD (cannabidiol), is one of more than 100 compounds found within the cannabis plant. CBD has been extensively studied for its therapeutic properties. CBD was approved by the FDA to treat epileptic seizures. The World Health Organization has also confirmed that CBD is safe and well-tolerated for daily use. CBD also doesn’t produce the high often associated with cannabis’s other main ingredient, THC.

CBD interacts with the ECS in order to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Full-spectrum CBD oil does not contain more than 0.3% THC. This allows it to be free from any intoxicating effects. Full-spectrum CBD oil has terpenes which are valuable compounds that can be used to enhance therapeutic effects. You may also benefit from full-spectrum CBD oils use for the following conditions:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Diabetes

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils can be found in flowers and herbs, just like CBD. It is also used for relaxation and stress relief by essential oil users. Essential oils, unlike CBD oil, are not intended to be consumed, but rather used for aromatherapy. Essential oils can be used in bath salts or steamers to promote calmness and well-being.

Essential oils can be extracted from many plants. Each plant has its own unique properties. For example, lavender is known to be a mood-restorer and muscle relaxer. The rose and peppermint plants also contain popular essential oils. The following useful terpenes are found in essential oils like CBD oil:

  • Pinene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Beta-caryophyllene

CBD Oil vs. Essential Oil

Although CBD oil and essential oils share many similarities, there are important differences. To increase absorption, it uses carrier oil.

If essential oils are applied to the skin without reading the label, it can cause burns and painful rashes. CBD users need not worry about quality because CBD products are labeled and packaged in strict compliance with the law. Essential oils can be very concentrated so they must be mixed with another oil carrier.

The extraction process

CBD oil and essential oils are extracted from plants. Both oils can be extracted in the same way when the plant is pressured externally. This is called CO2 extraction. The same method is used to extract CBD and essential oils.

This is the process used to extract CBD oil and essential oils from CBD. It’s called supercritical carbon dioxide extraction.

The plant molecules are bound together by the addition of pressurized carbon dioxide.

The controlled chamber is heated, and oils are released from the plant.

The final step is to collect the oil that has been released for the final product.

CBD Oil can be used as an essential oil

You might wonder if CBD oil could be used as an essential oil, or if they could be combined to make a stronger product. You can combine essential oils with CBD oil because they are both plant-based. CBD oil can be used as an essential oil to replace your favorite oil. You can also use your wholesale cbd oil for aromatherapy.

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