Remove Excess Fat & Transform Your Inner & Outer Thighs Using Vaser Lipo Treatment

Some women can feel uncomfortable about displaying their legs in public, but the legs are often key to a shapely figure. Stubborn fat deposits sitting anywhere on the body can make any weight loss difficult to achieve, even when you are actively exercising. Women tend to store fat on their thighs, making it hard for them to get a toned, smooth silhouette, and although the legs can look relatively slim throughout, the inner and outer thighs might be out of proportion to the rest of the body.

A lot of us have lumps and bumps on our outer thighs, and this can really knock our confidence when we want to wear smooth, tight-fitting clothes that show off the figure. Excess fat on the inner thighs can also cause painful rubbing and chaffing. The thighs are a notorious area of the body that are prone to storing excess fat and this can make the thighs look out of proportion with the rest of the legs. This can make it tricky when trying to find a pair of trousers that will comfortably fit both the upper, and lower half of the legs.

With vaser lipo treatment, stubborn localised pockets of fat can successfully be removed, improving the overall shape and contours of your thighs. Vaser lipo treatment can help to create a natural silhouette that’s suits all the body and gives results that are dimple-free and symmetrical.


  • Once vaser removes the fat, it won’t return in that area
  • Vaser lipo is a walk-in, walk-out procedure
  • Minimal downtime and minimal time needed off work
  • A specialised technique designed to minimise any discomfort and bruising
  • The procedure uses local anaesthetic
  • Transforms your legs in a single procedure
  • Good skin retraction is possible

Vaser lipo uses amplified, concentrated waves of ultrasound to send vibrations through the fat targeted area. The practitioner will make tiny incisions into the treatment area, usually in the natural creases of the skin and they are usually unnoticeable afterwards. After an anaesthetic solution gets injected, the thin vaser probe gets inserted into the treatment area, and ultrasound energy targets the fat cells just under the top layer of skin. This liquefies the fat cells, gently breaking them up, before they are suctioned out with a cannula.

With vaser lipo treatment it’s possible to shape your legs however you like. The recovery times are short, and the pain during the procedure is minimal as it’s performed in a safe, non-invasive way, that leaves everything but the fat cells untouched, and undamaged.