The Danger of a Nose Job

Beware the knife in this very sensitive area. A report on the local radio station has given a stern warning about what can go wrong. While people put their looks ahead of their health the after-effects of nerve damage to the nose as a result of unnecessary surgery may be a living hell for the rest of the patient’s life. Vanity is stupidity and trying to be something that one isn’t is part of the world of 666.

Be aware that beauty is more than skin deep and what one looks like is the determination of thousands of years of genetic generation and it speaks to who you are in the human family. After my reincarnation and with knowledge of how the Spirit of the Universe controls all things there is severe retribution imposed against those who rebel and who worship idols.

Celebrity worship is idolatry and an offence to the Spirit. It’s not surprising, therefore, that going under the knife for the sake of beauty or acquiring looks that don’t fit the pattern comes with such heavy penalties. Many women try to look like their idol and that is wrong and they are asking for it. What can happen one may well ask?

The one talked about this morning is called ‘the empty nose syndrome’ whereby the nerves to that organ are severed or damaged during surgery. The effect is that the brain cannot sense that one is breathing and consequently gives the impression that the nose is continually blocked as one almost gags for air. There is pain associated with it as well along the lines of hay-fever.

There is no cure and the sufferer cannot speak correctly as nasal-blockage effect comes into play. No matter what one does it cannot be cured as nerve destruction is permanent. So, before taking a risk on this happening anyone considering such procedure should think again. The same applies to any unnecessary surgery such as liposuction or breast implants. The solution is that one must be happy with the way they are designed as we are all unique as our appearances demonstrate.