Recovering After Hip Surgery

Old age can bring about a number of different issues that take a toll on the body. One of the biggest issues that senior citizens have to deal with is arthritis. Arthritis can inflame many joints in the body leading to pain that can be almost unbearable. Chronic hip pain is a major sign of arthritis. In order to correct arthritis problems in the hip, surgery is often a needed procedure. Find out all about how you can recover from hip surgery quickly and be on the road to well being.

Recovering From Hip Surgery

Hip pain can be dealt with effectively by a hip surgery operation. The surgery involves replacing the hip joint that is causing all of the pain problems and replacing it with an artificial joint. Hip surgery is a routine operation today and most people are released from the hospital in less than a week. It is important to rest in bed for the first few days after hip surgery. You need to allow your body to rest so that you do not put pressure on your new hip joint.

The next phase of recovery from hip surgery is physical therapy. Physical therapy is important because it keeps your muscles from atrophying and gets your body back to working again. You should hire a physical therapist to help you exercise your legs and arms. A physical therapist can give you a plan to follow that will help your body to recover and keep your new hip in good working order.

You need to slowly work your way back into your normal routine. It is important not to go to fast or you could dislodge your new hip joint leading to more hip pain. You can use crutches or a walker to get yourself used to walking again on your new hip. The entire rehabilitation process will last as long as it takes your body to recover.

There are some activities that you should look to avoid with your new hip. Stay away from vigorous activities likes sports that will put a whole lot of unnecessary pressure on your hip joint. Driving can even be too strenuous on the body since it puts a lot of pressure on the legs and hips. Be sure you maintain good posture by using high back chairs that allow you to sit at a perfect 90 degree angle to keep pressure off your joints.

You may need to make some changes to your internal and external home environment. If you have a lot of stairs inside your home then you should move your living area to the first floor. It is not good for your hip for you to walk up and down a lot of steps on a daily basis. Consider installing a ramp if you have a bunch of stairs outside as well so you do not have to put that kind of pressure on your hip joint.

All of these tips will make your transition from hip surgery to recovery a whole lot easier and put you on the path to performing your daily routine a whole lot sooner.