Understanding Eye Anatomy – Function Of The Vitreous Humor

The human eye is one of the most important and interesting organs in the human body. Here are some interesting facts about the human eye that you will find amazing and even a little bit bizarre. The human eye actually sees images upside down. It is really the brain that causes these images to be seen right side up in a normal manner. One of the most rare eye colors in the world is green eyes. As a matter of fact, green eyed people account for only about 1-2 % of the population in the world. With regard to eye anatomy an important part of the human eye called the vitreous humor plays an essential role in vision function. Therefore, here is some information regarding the function of this particular part of the human eye:

The Vitreous Humor is described as the clear gel like substance that fills the space in the eyeball between the lens of the eyes and the retina. It is transparent in nature and exists in the eyeball as early as birth. Also, it remains the same throughout the course of life even into the aging process. The nature of this biological structure in the eyes is somewhat similar to the substance found in the cornea. However, it does not consist of cells and possesses very few blood vessels. 98% of this clear gel like substance consists of water. Amazingly, in spite of the fact that this particular part of the eyes is not made of solid matter, but mostly liquid substance, it still helps to hold various parts of the eyes together, thereby keeping certain parts of the eyes in place. For instance, the Vitreous is in contact with the retina and assists in keeping it in place by pressing it up against the choroid.

The Vitreous is composed of collagen fibers. These collagen fibers are held apart from each other via electrical charges. However, with the process of aging, these fibers begin to clump together as these electrical charges are reduced. They begin to liquefy and float around in the vitreous humor and this condition is often referred to as floaters. This is an eye condition characterized by cobwebs, specks of clouds and squiggly lines that are floating around in our field of vision.

The main role of the vitreous is to maintain the shape of the eyes and to enable it to function in a healthy manner. It also plays a role in keeping the retina properly connected to the back of the eye wall and also absorbs shock to the eyeball.

The Vitreous humor is the clear gel like substance that fills the space in the eye between the lens and the retina. It serves 2 main purposes in vision function. These include keeping various parts of the eyes in place and it also helps the eyes to maintain its shape as well. This miraculous part of the eyes surprisingly,performs this vision function even in spite of the fact that the substance inside of the Vitreous gel is not made up of solid matter but clear liquid substance. Ultimately, this part of the eyes keeps the various parts of the eyes healthy and working in an efficient manner.