Why You Should Use A Treadmill Or Run Outside

There’s a distinct difference between running outside and

on treadmill, and they both have their positives and

negatives. The top notch benefit of using a treadmill is

that you will never have to contend with the elements of

being outside, which depending on where you are in world

can get bitterly cold or sizzling hot.

There’s a cushioned surface on the treadmill that will

lessen the impact of running, which can reduce the number

of shin splints that occur from outside running. There are

motivational factors that make a treadmill a very appealing

form of exercising where you have the power to manually

adjust your terrain with different speeds, all controlled

by you and your fingertips.

Depending on where you are, it may be extremely difficult

to find such terrain differences to ensure that you have a

diverse running path, something that a treadmill can offer

at all times.

The downside to the treadmill if there is one is that it

confines you the size of the treadmill, which in turn will

limit the amount of capable movement you can perform.

Running, jogging, or walking outside can maximize the

amount your muscles are impacted through the movement in

your body caused by the terrain and this has been known to

cause more calories to be burned as a result. So the

ability to limit your body’s natural running movement is

the only drawback to using a treadmill.

If you do use a treadmill, it is highly advised not to use

it more than 30-45 minutes per session as your body will be

maxed out at that point.

If you do not feel that your body is getting enough out of

it, then you are encouraged to begin some type of interval

training on the machine, which will vary your length and

terrain as you see fit. It is also recommended that you

should use some form of weight training with cardio

exercises to reap total benefit.

If you are looking to burn some calories a treadmill, or

any cardio machine for that matter, will give you the

maximize desired benefits. It is not about how long you

use this machine but the variance of your workout that will

determine the effectiveness of what you are doing that will

show you how great the treadmill is.

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