5 Natural Techniques to Care for Dry Hair

What’s the worst part about having dry hair? Some people say it’s the dull luster. Others say it’s the incessant breaking, split ends and straw-like texture. The traditional fix is to use a conditioner, but even this might not solve all of your dry-hair woes. Natural cures can succeed where chemicals fail, or at least supplement them for great results.

A healthy growth of hair really is a woman’s crowning glory. You can have the perfect make-up and the most stunning outfit, but if your hair looks and feels frizzy, it spoils the whole effect and look. Dry hair has several causes – including too many chemical treatments and too much heat exposure. Try these natural hair-care tips to improve your hair’s texture and to prevent breakage:

Comb thoroughly from root to tip

Your scalp produces natural oils that are supposed to moisturize the entire strand, so why not help along this natural biological process? Gently comb or brush your hair from root-to-tip to spread the naturally occurring oils.

Trim split ends diligently

If you have dry hair, you’re more prone to splint ends. The critical danger with split ends is that once a strand splits at the tip, it can split all the way up to the root, or cause weak spots further up the strand. Therefore trim your hair regularly to keep split ends in check. This will improve your hair’s texture significantly.

Apply olive oil

Olive oil works as a heavy-duty moisturizer for dry skin and lips, and it also works on hair. Comb a few drops of oil into your hair after you shower to help lock in moisture.

Is olive oil not your thing? Try coconut oil instead

Olive oil is delicious, but you may be hesitant to put something so pungent in your hair. Coconut oil is a terrific (and great smelling!) alternative for a natural “leave-on conditioner”.

Use an apple cider vinegar rinse

This is a good trick if you live in a place that has hard water. Hard water can cause calcium carbonate buildup in your hair, exacerbating dryness and creating a crusty texture. Clean your hair the natural way by diluting four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in one cup of water. Work the solution into your hair. Rinse thoroughly. This will help restore hair to a glossy texture.

The longer you wait to heal dry hair, more damage will be done. Damaged hair can take months to grow out. Use these techniques or supplement your current hair care regime to revitalize your hair.