Hair Transplants Can Help Women Too!

While there are several people who are of the opinion that hair transplants are meant only for men, the fact of the matter is that such procedures are just as much for women, as they are for men. The only point of issue is that the manner in which the procedure is conducted varies a little. With men, when there is pattern baldness, there is a clear region of balding and there is also an area, where there is no apparent hair loss. This latter area is that, which becomes the donor region. However, in women, the case is different, because with them, the hair loss is more diffused. This means that there will be an overall thinning, but no obvious bald patches.

Here are some of the most important aspects of hair transplant for women:

What hair transplant for women actually entails:

  • Women are more suited for follicular unit extraction, because their requirement, more often than not, is for more density and volume, as opposed to men, who need bald spots covered.
  • FUE can offer natural looking results and the desired density as well. As there are no scalpels, stitches or sutures involved, the healing time is minimal.
  • Punches will be made in the areas of the head, where the growth is the densest and follicular units will be extracted. These follicular units, which are normally made up for one to four hairs, are kept in a physiological solution, till the time they are required.
  • Since the follicular units are removed from the follicle itself, there is almost no chance of damage to the units. This further guarantees a superior end result for the person undergoing the process.

What will the levels of pain and time taken for recuperation:

Depending on how much area of the head needs to be covered, the doctor should be able to give you a clear enough idea of how much time the process will take. The normal time taken for such procedures varies between one to two full days.

Even though there is minimal pain, the doctors will give you some sort of local anaesthesia or mild sedative, which will take your mind off the procedure. There is bound to be some amount of discomfort and a feeling of tugging and this is a part of the process. Since there are no cuts and sutures, the time required for healing is minimal too. As a matter of fact, it will take only two to four days, for you to return to your normal life.

What will the results be like:

As is the case with any medical and surgical procedure, there will be a slight amount of discomfort. For two or three days after the procedure, there will be a sense of numbness or tingling. In many cases, there is also swelling and redness, but these are all a part of the process and disappear in a few days.

Within three to four weeks, you will be able to notice healthy and strong hair as well as a lot more density. In less than a year, you will have a head of hair that you will feel proud of, and will be able to style and colour in a manner that you like. And given that these days, the hair transplant procedures offer you permanent results, you will find it to be value for money.