The Elixir of Beauty

The cold chilling winds of the winter are always a welcoming call for skin and hair problems. Many people complain of dry skin and problems of dandruff that is impossible for them to avoid. Imagine you are an executive of a company wearing a tuxedo or coat and people point out the dandruff on the suit. Embarrassing it would be, Right?

How about you are going to a gathering of friends and having skin problems or dandruff problems? And your friends suddenly point at your dress and laugh at the dandruff that is clinging to it. Won’t you be frustrated about it?

Ever noticed how we shake our hair in winter season and dandruff drops like ice on Christmas? Well, that is a common problem with almost everyone. Let me share with you a home remedy that works like magic against dandruff.

It is amazing how there are solutions right in front of our eyes, and we fail to notice them every time. Such a remedial solution for dandruff is called the “Egg Oil,” which not only is a very effective remedy against dandruff but has many other benefits. Problems such as hair loss, weak hair, and less shiny hair may easily be taken care of by Egg oil.

So here is what we do. Take about six eggs. Boil the eggs properly and peel them neatly. Separate the egg white and collect the yolk (yellow portion) into a pan. Start heating the pan on low fire and stir and mash the egg yolk properly. Put the pan on slow fire and keep heating till the protein in the yolk burns and the magical stuff oozes out of the yolk. That magical stuff is the oil you want to collect for your treatment of dandruff. Let the pan cool down at normal room temperature. And then filter the oil through a clean and fine cloth. Apply the oil on the hair and massage properly. Make sure that all areas of the scalp are properly soaked in oil as it is much more effective this way.

Once the oil has seeped into the hairs and skull here, the rejuvenating process begins. After twenty to thirty minutes, rinse the hair and feel and see the difference. Egg oil gives a very refreshing treatment to the scalp and the hair. Making the hairs strong and shiny and also strengthening any damaged areas effectively.

When preparing the oil, do make sure that there is proper ventilation in the kitchen. And also the doors and windows of the rooms are open. When heating the egg yolk, it gives off a very pungent odor that can cause an uncomfortable feeling. Miraculously the oil is not only good for just hair, but it is also a great remedy for facial skin problems. Applying some oil on the face, and a gentle massage can cure problems of acne and dry/cracking skin. An amazing phenomenon about the oil is that it has proved to be a good natural medicinal solution. It can treat burns and bruises with having any side effects.