Ways on treating hair loss for women

Female hair loss occurs for various reasons. Like changing levels of hormones, genetics, or as part of the normal aging process.  There is also various hair loss treatment for women including topical medications like Rogaine. Other choices include hormone therapy, light therapy, or hair transplants.

Knowing what a hair loss in women is?

Hair loss is when a woman experiences an unexpected great loss of hair. About 50 to 100 single hairs are shed per day. Some hairs are falling while others are growing, hair shedding is considered to be part of a natural balance. Hair loss is unlike hair shedding.

A lot of people think that hair loss only affects men, yet 50% of women estimated experience hair loss. The most important reason for hair loss in women is female-pattern hair loss (FPHL). Eating a beneficial and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also aid hair healthy.

How to treat hair loss for women?

  • Light Therapy

Low-level light therapy may not be enough treatment for hair loss. Yet it may serve to boost the effects of other hair loss treatments. Such as minoxidil.

  • Corticosteroids

Some females may acknowledge corticosteroid injections. Doctors use this treatment only if when needed, for conditions like alopecia areata. Alopecia areata leads to a person’s hair falling out in different patches. Topical corticosteroids are available in lotions, creams. And any preparations may also lessen hair loss.

  • Ketoconazole

The drug ketoconazole may aid to treat hair loss in several cases. Such as androgenetic alopecia, wherein inflammation of the hair follicles usually add to hair loss. Ketoconazole is available in the form of a shampoo. Nizoral is a well-known brand and is available to buy either online or over the counter. Nizoral has a low concentration of ketoconazole. Yet powerful concentrations will need a prescription from a doctor.

  • Hormone Therapy

Hair loss is sometimes caused by hormone imbalances due to menopause. Doctors may suggest a form of hormone therapy to rectify them. Several possible treatments include hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills. For either progesterone or estrogen.

  • Hair transplant

In several cases where the person doesn’t acknowledge well to treatments. Doctors may suggest hair transplantation, this comprises taking a few pieces of the scalp and adding them to bald areas. To boost the hair in the area naturally, hair transplant therapy can be expensive compared to other treatments. Yet hair transplant is not recommended for everybody.

  • Use some hair loss shampoos

Several minor hair losses may occur due to clogged pores on the scalp. Using antibacterial shampoos created to clear the pores from dead skin cells may aid healthy hair.

Female pattern hair loss is a continuous condition, females may only observe a slightly wider parting in their hair. Yet as symptoms continue, this can become more noticeable. These are some of the treatments that can help women to treat hair loss.

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