Changes in the Face of Fitness

Yes, there have been changes in the face of fitness. Literally… the changes are on my face!

This is yet another true confession of a lifestyle fitness coach.

During August’s marginally sweltering heat, while most were off in vacation bliss and splendor, the heat of drums was heard in NYC. All who were in the know awaited the results of yours truly LIPOSUCTION! What’s that? Liposuction! You say! On a trainer, no less! Well, it wasn’t your usual Nicole Smith kind of slimming program. No, it was a liposuction of the eyes. Medically termed ‘blepharoplasty.’ It’s a procedure where the physician removes a small part of the fat pad of the lower &/or upper lid, allowing for more space so the puffiness (water retention) around the eyes disappears. My swelling was worst in winter and ‘they’ say it’s probably caused by allergies, heredity, that old culprit gravity and lets not forget age. (Exercise cures everything but eye bubbles!)

If your next question is “But why did you do it, Deb?” I thank you for your kindness. But my eyes were the only way I gave away my age. And I felt I needed my eyes to match the rest of me. If eyes be the window to your soul …I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an old soul. But why wear your soul on your sleeve, er face?

Oh oh, there’s something else that I have to confess. You know that frown line that kept you doing everything I would tell you, and adding a few more reps than you really wanted to …just because I looked so serious? Well, it’s gone! Permanently (hopefully). Don’t even think that this will make me easier on any of you. I haven’t lost an ounce of seriousness only the frown and eye bubbles! So, instead of having continuous ongoing treatments of the deadly botox toxin (it’s devirulized), I chose to have those muscles clipped. Based on the strength of those muscles I hope it doesn’t slow down my metabolism too much.

Since I have started working as part of the team with a number of New York City’s top plastic surgeons, the opportunity presented itself through Dr. Mauro Romita, in a perfect time window. Getting training results with clients and staff has its rewards!

Now, back to the age thing. July of next year I will be turning 50 (gasp!) So this is another step I needed to take to fulfill my mission. Looking upon my life and my journey, I can be proud and say I am a very real and true fitness role model. Proof of the benefits of exercise, healthy living and good nutrition. I’ve remained true to my fervent belief that without health…you just can’t live life to its fullest! I hope to inspire and motivate all whose lives I am privileged to enter and affect. And hope to continue to do so for a very, very long time. Since we are all involved in the process of becoming our best through the health, wellness and fitness process if anyone cares to discuss the process further with me, feel free to ask for more information. This procedure is basically painless and you can go back to work and walking (with sunglasses) after 3-4 days. Exercise takes 2 weeks.

Deborah Caruana RN, MES, PT