How the Swedish Massage Strokes Can Help You to Unwind

If you are stressed out with the daily chores taking a toll on you, then massage can offer you oodles of comfort. A Swedish massage will be a good choice so as to relax the mind and reap the marvelous health benefits. It is the best-known form of bodywork that is performed to relax the body and mind.

About the Swedish Strokes:

Swedish massage generally uses five different patterns of flowing strokes. The strokes consist of gliding movements, kneading, friction or cross fiber, rhythmic strokes, shaking or vibration. This massage is used as a technique in many integrative therapies to promote a holistic effect on the overall physical well-being. Swedish massage is extremely helpful for reducing joint stiffness and osteoarthritis.

Swedish Massage Techniques:

The massage pattern where gliding movements are offered is generally practiced in the beginning. It involves long and flowing strokes starting from the neck and going straight down to hips. The therapist either uses the full hand or thumb pad. This massage stimulates the body and prepares it for next levels of concrete massage.

Then further plunging into the realm of comfort is via kneading, lifting, pressing and thereby squeezing the muscles from the bones. This helps in fast release of toxins and improves blood circulation.

The technique of friction massage uses much deeper penetrations and these motions help to unlock the knot-like muscular adhesions mostly around joints. In this process the thumb or the finger tips are used.

The rhythmic strokes are percussive movements done by tapping and striking muscles with either fingertips or the edge of a hand. This helps in releasing and relaxing cramped muscles and spasms.

Lastly, the shaking or vibration strokes are applied and this settles the muscles in place again, usually after an hour long Swedish massage. The stimulation depends on the degree of application of pressure on limbs and the back. This massage eventually rests the body.

Overall Health Benefits provided by Swedish Massage:

  • It primarily reduces anxiety and stress promoting relaxation.
  • The massage improves blood circulation and relieves body tension.
  • Muscle stiffness and body aches surprisingly vanish improving the flexibility of joints and muscles.
  • Body massage eliminates toxins from muscles subsequently toning them.
  • The overall immune system along with other bodily functions gets improved.

Benefits on Nervous System:

  • Swedish massage improves the overall nerve function and balances the nervous system.
  • Massage enhances the release of feel-good hormones or endorphins. These are considered to be natural pain killers that decrease body pain.
  • Massage therapy is used to relax the contracted muscles which otherwise cause pain and numbness.
  • This is also used in treating insomnia like disorders. Massage reduces tension that results in headaches, eyestrain, neck pain, depression, poor concentration, and anger.
  • The increased blood circulation facilitates an easy flow of oxygen in the brain.