Toothpaste and Penis Safety Don’t Mix

Men – especially when they are younger – are apt to experiment with putting a wide range of liquids, fluids and creams on their penis. Unfortunately, this is not always a good idea, as their choice of liquid, fluid or cream may contain ingredients that could create a penis health or penis safety risk. Recently, the internet and social media have featured an abundance of posts from men claiming that they like to rub toothpaste on their penis and encouraging other men to do likewise. Good idea? Sadly, no.

Why would a man try toothpaste?

The question naturally arises, why would a man rub toothpaste on his penis? Aside from plain old fashioned curiosity, there could be a number of reasons, including:

He can’t find his lubricant. Most men can attest (often from personal experience) that being sufficiently lubricated is key, whether one is engaged in penetrative partner sex or in one-handed self-satisfaction. Without that lubrication, a penis may get rubbed raw and, if engaged in partner sex, penetration may be difficult or in some cases impossible. In the heat of the moment, if a guy cannot find his usual lubricant, he may make do with whatever else is at hand – such as toothpaste. But, for reasons we shall soon see, this is not a good idea at all – and partners would agree.

He wants to clean his penis. Cleanliness and personal hygiene are admirable goals and should be supported. But if a guy wants to clean his penis, plain old soap and warm water is a more than adequate way to do so. Toothpaste is specially formulated for cleaning teeth, not penis skin.

He wants his penis to taste and smell nice for his partner. Okay, now this is a very sweet and thoughtful reason, and one can see how, since toothpaste makes the mouth smell and taste fresh, a guy might be tempted to apply it to his penis. But again, the mouth and the penis are two different things. Keep to soap and water for the member.

He wants to get an erection. For some reason, social media has recently had a number of men (or one man being very busy) claiming that rubbing toothpaste on the penis cures erectile dysfunction. There is absolutely no scientific basis for this, but quite a few men seem to have tried this – usually to their regret.

Why toothpaste is not a good idea

So why exactly should a man NOT use toothpaste on his penis? It’s simple, really. Penis skin is very sensitive – it needs to be, so that a man can experience the amazing sensations that accompany sex and make sex so enjoyable. And many ingredients in many toothpastes can harm penis skin and raise penis safety concerns. For example, peppermint, which is in many toothpastes and is thought by some to help expand blood vessels, is irritating when applied tropically in a toothpaste. Some chemicals in some toothpastes also have the potential to diminish fertility. Toothpastes with bleach, used for tooth whitening, can be especially damaging to penis skin. And often the ingredients can cause a severe stinging sensation.

Men should also remember that even if they, for some reason, don’t mind the toothpaste, their partners may. And toothpaste which gets inside the vagina or anus can create an irritation that is harder to reach and treat.

For penis safety reasons, men should simply avoid putting toothpaste on the penis. Instead, they should consider daily applications of a first class penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) which can help promote penis health. Look for an oil that contains vitamin A, which has anti-bacterial properties which can help to kill many of the bacteria that can be behind persistent penis odor. The oil should also include vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, which is required for cell metabolism and the maintenance of healthy tissue.