Is Your LTPAC EMR Equipped to Offer Premium Assistance?

Long-term and post-acute care is a field that requires a great deal of accuracy, precision, and focus in nearly every position. Working to care for those who need it most can be a difficult task, as any doctor will tell you. Thankfully, however, new devices and software are engineered regularly to assist in LTPAC.

A piece of technology that has been increasing in popularity with many professional is Electronic Medical Records. Generally referred to be its initials, EMR software can be expensive and often times ill-suited for the environment in which it is being employed. In order to avoid the inconvenience of purchasing EMR software that falls short of your needs, a checklist of features has been developed to help physical therapists find just what they need.


Your EMR documentation system should fit comfortably into the normal workflow of your department. For the best possible results, it should integrate well with the types of forms and information that is already being used by the people in your location. Needing to learn an entirely different or new system can reduce productivity and create confusion in an already hectic environment.

Conformability to Task

Your software should be as customizable and fluid as possible. Procedures and methods evolve with time, becoming more effective or quicker. The program that you use will need to grow in concordance with these processes, or else it will very quickly become obsolete and unusable.

Reliable Support and Innovation

Customer support is extremely important when it comes to Long-term and post-acute care Electronic Medical Records due to their technical nature. The most competent employee may be trained in how to use the software, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to fix it. Likewise, the development team should constantly be investigating new features to improve the software you are using, or finding ways to integrate better processes.


Prior to purchasing your new LTPAC EMR software you must determine what you specifically want it to accomplish. There are software options that offer only the most basic elements for recording, as well as choices that have more advanced and thorough features. Some versions of EMR software offer complete solutions that can address functionality such as billing, though some companies may already have an efficient billing program.

This checklist has been created as a method of distributing solutions and advice to LTPAC professionals everywhere. Electronic Medical Records are a burgeoning part of the practice, and will certainly be a key feature in every clinic eventually. It is due to this fact alone that every therapist should be well versed in how to choose software that best fits their needs.