Before Getting Pregnant

Planning your family? Before getting pregnant, there are certain things that you should know about yourself, your health and that of your partner’s. You must also take care of the surroundings and your lifestyle. Pregnancy is a boon to the lives of two people only when it is properly executed, carefully monitored and strategically carried out. Well, that might sound uncanny, but it’s true.

So, what are you supposed to do before getting pregnant? Here’s a list:

Step#1: Say Good Bye to Contraceptives

If you have been on birth control medications or contraceptive pills you must stop consuming them a few months before you are planning to start your efforts to get pregnant. As contraceptive pills tend to regulate the hormone functions and also influences the natural periodic cycle of a female, it is very important to regulate it and get back to the natural ovulating process once again. Stopping the pills would make the female more naturally fertile.

Step#2: Partying, Boozing, Smoking – Stop it All!

When a female is preparing herself for pregnancy she has to give up many things – smoking and boozing are just two of the famous things that you should stop. Do not indulge in these things as it can actually affect your system and interfere with fertility too. Unfortunately, this implies to both the partners. Smoking affects the quality of your egg directly and increases the chances of birth defects, preterm labor and miscarriage too. Statistics reveals that approximately 13% of the fertility problems are caused as a result of tobacco consumption.

Step#3: Say No to Caffeine

There’s bad news for the coffee addicts; you would have to say no to caffeine before getting pregnant. It is difficult to give up such an addiction as we usually begin our day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. However, studies have shown that excessive caffeine consumption can actually trigger miscarriage. Doctors are still not sure about the portion of caffeine that can be allowed before or during pregnancy, which is why, they restrict the idea of taking caffeine.

Step#4: Stay Active

Come out of your sedentary lifestyle when you are planning your pregnancy. Well, pregnancy is a lot about weight gain and healthy diet, which means fattening foods too. For the health and development of the baby to come you have to eat more often and in more portion than usual. So, you must keep an eye on the scales as well to check the rate at which you are putting on weight. You must consider losing at least 15 pounds before getting pregnant so that you can maintain a proper frame. This will result in a much healthier pregnancy followed by a smooth delivery with limited risks or complications.

For a healthy pregnancy it is important get involved in some less strenuous exercises, such as Pilates. Pilates helps in increasing the overall flexibility of a woman’s body and it can be carried out pre and post pregnancy too. If you are too thin, you would have to do a different set of exercise, while for the women on the other side of the scale, the set of exercises would be slightly different. Check out with your healthcare provider and your expert guide.

Step#5: Start Taking your Daily Dose of Prenatal Supplements

Prenatal supplements are important to ensure that you maintain good health and also provide your body with the adequate nutrients as an essential step to prepare the body for carrying the fetus. Multivitamin that contains essential folic acid would be excellent for overall health and development. Your body needs adequate vitamin B and folic acid post pregnancy so that it can prepare your body for a healthy baby. It reduces the chances of brain defects and spine damage by almost 70 percent. Furthermore, multivitamins help in preventing calcium deficiency and anemia too.

Step#6: Siesta Baby!

We have all the misconceptions about sleeping! Some women are even of the opinion that if you nap in the afternoon you would put on weight. Give up all those ill thoughts and indulge in your siesta whenever possible for a healthy pregnancy. While you sleep, your body is at absolute rest and it can rejuvenate itself. As you become pregnant you will have sleepless nights due to various reasons. So, the more you sleep before getting pregnant, the better for your health.

Step#7: Kill your Stress

Before pregnancy, try to give up all your stressors. You want to give birth to a healthy child, and that should be your only aim. Stress within yourself can actually affect your child and the growth as it rests within you. Therefore, look for better remedies to keep you stress-free. Enjoy things that you have always wanted to; go for a vacation, take a break, spend some time with your mom and release your stressors.

Step#8: See a Dentist

Weird it may sound, but you must see a dentist when you are planning your pregnancy. Before getting pregnant, it is very important to check your overall oral health for gum diseases and teeth problems. The reason- research has linked oral health and unattended gum diseases as a cause of preterm birth, birth defects and miscarriage. Factually, brushing your teeth and flossing on a regular basis, followed by proper dental check up can actually help in eliminating the risks of miscarriage by 70%.

Step#9: Have Sex More Often

Intimacy is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy child birth. Have sex frequently before getting pregnant as it will help you in bonding well with your partner and in planning your course of pregnancy ahead. Enjoy different moves and postures and love yourself.

Step#10: Be Happy

The only mantra to a healthy pregnancy is to stay healthy! So, do what you are best and stay happy. Enjoy yourself, indulge in good food, exercise to stay fit and have a great life.