5 Manicure Tips

There are some mistakes commonly committed when manicure is carried out at home. So here are some useful hints.

1. Most people cut the nails back and forth using an emery board and deeply cut the nail from the left and right corner. So the nails are most likely to get split and worn out. Use the board from the left to the center by sawing back and forth a few times. Then move it from the center to the right a few times. To get the right texture and a smooth layer on the nail use a metal file.

2. Do not neglect the cuticular part of the nail as it can cause the problem of hangnails. Penetrate it with oil after taking bath.

3. Gently push the cuticles with a cloth and do not nip away at the cuticles, as it can cause nail infections.

4. Before you apply a polish to your nail you should first lace it with a base coat. If you apply a coat of nail polish on the bare nails they dry away quickly or the darker shades that are applied will turn yellowish.

5. Replace the nail polish after every five days because too many coats will dehydrate the nails and therefore remove the top layer of the nail.