Choosing the Best Day Spa for a Holiday Gift Certificate

Day spa gift certificates are among the most popular gifts for every occasion. Providing relaxation, pampering and stress-relief is one of the best gifts anyone could receive. However, it can be difficult to know how to choose the best spa and the best treatment for a loved one. The following are some questions to ask to ensure that your spa gift certificate is a success:

Does the spa offer weekend and evening hours?

Having a variety of hours available to enjoy a treatment is important.

Does the therapist ever leave the room during a treatment?

Believe it or not, there are some spas that leave a client alone during a portion of a facial and will actually perform a second treatment while the client waits alone. This is unacceptable. A therapist should be in the room at all times providing pamepering and results.

Do the therapists have quotas?

A relaxing spa visit can soon turn stressful when a therapist begins aggressively pushing products. Professional skin care products are wonderful and can make a tremendous difference in the skin, but when products are being pushed by someone who has a quota to meet, often, the client’s best interest might not be the reason for a recommendation.

Does the spa have a website?

A website can be a wonderful way to learn about a spa. Upscale spas will have a virtual tour which will allow you to experience the environment of the spa. The spas philosophy and background will also help you decide if a spa is ideal for you. Gift certificate packages are typically described on a website. This will help you decide on the perfect package for you or a loved one.

Is there a physician affiliation?

Although, a traditional day spa does not require a physician to supervise treatments, it can be an indication of a high level of care. Medical spas are the fastest growing type of spa. Medical grade treatments like laser hair removal, laser skin tightening, and medical grade peels do require physician supervision.

When thinking of a day spa package, consider a treatment that will provide relaxation and results for the one you love.

To search for a spa in your area, you may go to websites such as or type in key words “best day spa” followed by your city. To find a day spa that offers the results of a medical spa, type in medical spa and the name of your city.