Sauna Health Benefits – The Percieved Health Benefits Derived From Using A Sauna

There are many stories, true and false about the great health benefits of saunas. A sauna is claimed to be good for weightless, detoxing the body, improving cholesterol levels, alleviating the pain of arthritis and nearly removing respiratory problems like bronchitis and laryngitis. Does this seem like a miracle cure? Many of these stories might be exaggerated, but some may have good scientific foundations. Let’s take a closer look.

Weight loss

There are many weight loss plans that indicate that saunas can be effective weight loss helpers. These programs will mention repeatedly that a sauna will raise your heart rate while the body is employed in cool itself. You might come across the numbers of 250 to 600 calories burned with a 30 to 35 minute sauna session.

It is a fact that the heart rate elevates during a sauna, and that your body is using calories as a result. In contrast, during routine exercise your body is exercising many muscles – while in a sauna your heart is the only muscle being exercised.

Increasing muscle mass and toning muscles are more important for losing weight than exerting your heart muscle. If you desire weight loss, exercise is the key. An added sauna is a bonus, but a sauna will not help much with your weight loss agenda.


Have you seen or heard the claim that saunas rid the body of toxins? This benefit is perpetuated by many sauna companies and outlets and it is also a widely held belief with sauna users. The fact that there is not any scientific evidence revealing that toxins such like heavy metals (such as lead and mercury) or other kinds toxins are reduced or deleted from the body by sauna use. These kinds of stories are found to be regurgitated more about to Infrared saunas than they are about the traditional steam saunas, but in any case, there has been no evidence offered for it.

Lowering Cholesterol

Again, a claim of pure fiction spread abroad by a lot of sauna resellers. If you participate in regular sauna sessions without any change in diet or normal eating habits, you are supposed to be able to lower your overall cholesterol levels. However as of this writing there simply is no verifiable reputable or scientific evidence to support his claim.

Are There Any Real Benefits?

We have been reading some of the miss-information regarding saunas and you might be considering writing off any of the claims of a therapeutic value associated with saunas. Hold on there for just a second because you can achieve real benefits by indulging in a sauna and the use of saunas can be part of your overall health plan.

Physical Effects

Heart rate and blood flow are beneficially affected by a sauna. The volume of blood flowing to the skin surface increases and heavy sweating increases as a result. Your nasal passages dilate letting the sinuses drain.

Heat related to the saunas might involve a real health benefit. If you suffer from arthritic and rheumatism you will feel lowered pain and enjoy increased joint mobility. This experience, though, will subside after the sauna is over. Athlete’s might also experience benefits from a sauna just before they start working out since the heat induced by the sauna causes the joints and muscles to be more flexible.

Maybe one of the best health benefits enjoyed by the use of saunas is the sensation of relaxation they induce. Modern life seems to be filled with many stresses that accumulate their affects and can be the root cause of many health problems. Since saunas are very relaxing and calming to our inner selves and they allow us a great way to unwind at the end of the busy day. Take a sauna before bed to help promote a deep sleep that is a needed ingredient for the body to rejuvenate and recuperate.

If you have health problems that might be effected by a sauna you should consult with your doctor before using saunas but, like most things, the sauna is safe and beneficial when used in moderation and as directed.

If someone were to ask my advice I would highly recommend a sauna at regular intervals if just for the relaxation and stress relief benefits offered.

So, go ahead and get steamed! Do your self (and your body) a favor by stopping by the sauna next time you are near one.