You Want RESULTS? I’ll Give You RESULTS!

I am not a therapist. I do not do therapy. I am a

“Performance Consultant”. I teach people how to produce the

results they want in their lives using the most effective

methods. Change will be fast, fun, easy and lots more fun!

You like fun, right?

I’m not much interested in talking about or analyzing your

past. I want to know what you want for now and for the

future. I can show you how to neutralize the bad feelings

from the past rapidly and easily.

What do you want? You say you are overweight. Well, that is

simply a result that you are producing. Change what you

think about re: food, exercise, life, relationships,

possibilities, etc and you will produce a different result.

What do you want to produce? Fit? Sexy? Powerful?

Confident? Excited? Focused?

Notice that the stuff therapy types focus on is about what you

DON”T want! That’s the wrong pile! When you think about how

fat, discouraged, depressed, unhappy, etc you are that’s the

stuff that makes you feel worse!

You need to look in the other direction. Just imagine how

great you’ll feel as you begin to take control of your life

by changing the way you feel. What do you want? Vibrant

Health? Explosive energy? Deep personal satisfaction? Stop

right now and notice how much better you feel looking in

this direction.

There is nothing wrong with any of you. You are not broken

or damaged or need fixing.

You are simply running brain programs that produce bad

feelings. Your past is NOT what causes your feelings. Your

feelings are produced with a see + hear = feelings formula.

What you see/hear produces your feelings. If you think about

your past hooey and see/hear that stuff then you feel bad

just like always. That’s what depression is….thinking

about how bad the past was and how awful we feel and how the

future sucks.

Notice this is the orientation that depressed people take.

Wrong pile. Joy, satisfaction, fulfillment and peace of mind

are not produced that way.

Your first step is to decide what you want in every area of

your life. I’ll show you how to produce whatever you want at

every step of the way.

Yes, there are things you can be doing. For starters, start

thinking more and more about what you want in every setting

through out the day. For example, how do you want to feel

walking to the bathroom? If you were already the NEW YOU how

would you feel? Create that now…there is no benefit in


How would you walk from your house to your car if

you were fully confident and happy? Start walking that way


How would you look at your spouse if you were sexy and

happy? Start looking at him/her that way now.

How would you breath if you were totally stress free? Start

those breathing patterns…now!

What would you eat for lunch if you were a fitness buff? Eat

that now for every lunch. Ditto for breakfast-supper and


How much exercise would you do if you were already at your

preferred fitness level? Do that kind and amount now.

How often would you smile and/or laugh if you felt wonderful

15-20 hours per day? Get your face in shape and start

smiling and laughing….howling is pure magic…you want

magic in your life?

What would the voices inside your head say if you were

filled with joy & satisfaction? Start that dialog now.

How would you treat strangers if you loved yourself to the

hilt? Start treating them that way now.

How would you pray or think or meditate [whatever works for

you] if you were routinely overwhelmed with gratitude for

the magic in your life? Do that now…all of

it… weekly… daily… hourly… every few minutes.

What great books would you read once you knew what your

purpose/mission in life was? Start reading, now!

What relationships would you mend and nurture if you were

fulfilled and satisfied? Go mend and nurture.

Who would you say, “I love you” to if you were crazy in love

with your life? Go tell them…daily or more often.

What states would you produce if you knew you could produce

any? joy? satisfaction? fulfillment? peace of mind? go enjoy

these… now… and then some more…

What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you

could not fail? start that dream…now….multiple dreams

are OK too… soooooo…