4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Begin Yoga Teacher Training

Before you decide to begin that yoga teacher training, there are few questions you must ask yourself. This is very important before you commit your money and your time. Let’s find out what those questions are and how they will benefit yoga beginners.

1. Do you have a home yoga practice?

If you truly want to teach yoga, the first thing you must do is to build a consistent yoga practice at home. Well, the truth is that, if you still have not started practicing yoga at home, it simply means that you are not ready yet. If you are not ready for yoga, then now is not the time to start yoga training. However, you can still go ahead, if you want to deepen your own practice, and if you have no intention of entering into teaching. You must commit to a home yoga practice before you even make any deposit or research on the internet to find the place to do your training. Ideally, yoga teachers would have to do some practice at home by themselves for years, before they started teaching. You can practice for a minimum of six months. This will give you a solid foundation for you to begin to develop yourself as a yogi.

2. Have you found a particular style or yoga teacher you love?

The right answer to this particular question, will come out of the home practice you already started. What do you actually practice at home? How do you practice at home? You must find the yoga path that works fine for you. Until you find that path that works best for you, how can you determine what to study, what to practice and also what to teach?

3. Have you located an affordable yoga teacher training course or do you have the resources?

If you do not carry out your proper research, then you are most likely to get into an expensive teacher training program. There are affordable yoga teacher training course you can begin. If you have some family commitments, then you should make proper planning before you set off. This means that you must find out all it will cost you from start to finish. Planning will help you to avoid being stranded. Another important factor is time. It takes a lot of time to attend a yoga teacher training course. Plan your time very well, it will also be beneficial to you in the long-run.

4. Is the yoga program well-respected?

You should never rely on the rubber stamp of approval from others to conclude on the quality of program. Because a program has a certificate, doesn’t mean that it is great. Even if that particular program has not been certified, it could also be well-respected and thorough. Take time to research about the program, to find out if it is well-respected or not.

You need to lay a good foundation before you start a yoga teacher training course. This will benefit you in a long run. So if you have plans to become a yoga teacher, prepare yourself very well for it.