Yoga: Important Things To Know About Vinyasa

How do people view Vinyasa yoga? Do they see it as a workout or a calisthenics class? Do they think it is a yoga version that is all about sweating out without a meditation component? Well, if your views are similar to the ones provided above, then you will change your views about Vinyasa yoga after reading this.

1. Vinyasa is not about exercising

The definition of Vinyasa shows that it is an intelligent sequence of postures but a lot of people equate it to the ability to sweat. Surprisingly, this is what attracts a lot of people to it. This form of yoga is very subtle and introspective practice, so exercise cannot be a side benefit. The fact about yoga is that it teaches people to love themselves and know themselves better.

2. Its focus are your organs

It is right to pay attention on stretching and strengthening in the start of a Vinyasa practice. You will discover that when your muscles opens up during practice the main focus will be your joints. However, once the joints open you can access the organs. This form of yoga helps to improve circulation in our entire body system and alleviates congestions in our organs too.

3. A meditation in motion

Majorly, meditation is when someone focuses his or her mind to something, and Vinyasa yoga itself, helps to focus our minds because it actually gives us something to focus on. In a nutshell, it is a dynamic meditation. Whether it is the movement, breath, or the asanas, there is a very strong mental part to this form of yoga. However, Vinyasa yoga can be a powerful tool in stabilizing and focusing your entire life.

4. It is a Hatha yoga breathing system

Ideally, while practicing Vinyasa yoga, breathing is done through the nose. However, for each type of movement that is performed, there is a breath. For instance, if you are lifting up your arm, you do not take two breaths to lift up your arm. You need to synchronize the rate of the breath as well as the movement, so it is a slow, smooth, even, inhalation, as well as a slow, concentrated lifting of the arm. In the beginning, this is very difficult and it helps to focus our mind because you actually have to think thoroughly about it.

Vinyasa yoga is a special form of yoga that should not be seen as an exercise. Yoga generally is not an exercise because it offers both spiritual and emotional benefits.